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Question: How do you suggest changing the mindset of a service tech who is resistant to adopting a selling mentality?

Weldon Long; New York Times Bestselling Author

A big part of it is about changing perspective. When people find out new information, it changes how they view a situation. I was out in California working with a client and they had this guy working inside on the telephone as a re-hasher. If a salesperson failed to sell a deal, he’d call them and try to get them back on. He did that for about a year and was really good at it, and decided he wanted to go into sales.

I trained him and he just started to run leads over the last couple of weeks. I went to visit a lead with him that one of the re-hashers had set for him. He told me, “Now that I’m out here running these leads, I realize it’s not enough to say I’m going to send somebody out. You really have to qualify the lead.” He had a whole different perspective. That’s the way new information can be; it can completely change your perspective.

Talking about changing the mindset of your technicians, we’ve got to give them new information. For example, the Prosperity Mindset Training – one of our 10 core curriculum pillars on EGIA Contractor University – is about giving your techs new information. And some of that information is really basic. Understanding that energy in our brain (the thought) can trigger an emotional response, which triggers the reaction, which triggers the results. When people start understanding the relationship between their thoughts and how that’s affecting their results, they can understand that if they want different results, they need to change their mindset.

Einstein says you can’t change something with the same level of thinking that created the problem. That’s part of the new information we give them. So, a lot of it is just making sure they understand the relationship between all of these things and then give them the opportunity to decide if they want new results. Show them that if they want better results, we have to work backwards and start thinking different things.

I really think it’s just a matter of them going through the Mindset Training but I’m not saying that’s all they have to do. Within that course, they’re going to hear about different books that are critically important. One in particular that I’m rereading is by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. I’m constantly reading new books about the same stuff and it’s powerful. I just picked up a new on called Atomic Habits and it’s the exact same conversation. It’s about giving your techs new information and helping them understand the relationship between what they think and what they do.

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