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Question: What methods should be practiced in the office to help reconnect with old customers?

James Leichter: Hmm, reconnect with old customers. It should start with you as a company trying to gather personal information about your clients. Maybe birthdates, things like that, names of their children, anything you can. You don’t need a birth year by the way, but a birthdate would be nice. Because you can send birthday cards to people. Also you can send a Thanksgiving card. Now hear me out on this one.

I don’t like sending Christmas cards, because not everybody celebrates Christmas, so you could send a holiday card, but the problem with that is everyone gets a lot of holidays cards. But who gets a Thanksgiving card? So if they got a Thanksgiving card from you they would think that was pretty amazing, pretty unusual. So I would do that.

I’d also send a birthday card to the equipment, I’m assuming that you installed the equipment and you have that date, so you can send a birthday card out for their equipment.

Now if you’re talking about on the phone, reconnecting with people who call on the phone, then of course we can always present them that information over the phone as well, like “Hey, happy birthday next month to your equipment?,” or “It was your birthday last month,” or “How’s your daughter, Jessica?” Something like that, assuming that you know those people. But I think the person asking the question is asking how to reconnect with people after they’ve just stopped calling. And we know that that’s the reason most people leave our company and go somewhere else; it’s just apathy, really. But that’s what I would do to reconnect with people.

Mike, I’ll bet you’ve got some ideas, that’s probably one of your areas, isn’t it?

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