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We've designed this website to work with most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. In addition, this website supports all modern mobile web browsers, including Safari on Apple iOS and Chrome for mobile on Google Android. We recommend that you always use the current version of browsers to make sure that our web pages display quickly, and that you have the latest security updates. If you use older browsers, you might notice that some functions and features stop working as we make upgrades to the website.

Why do we recommend browsers?
Our site uses modern web standards to give the best possible experience for our visitors. Although we aim to be readable on all possible devices and browsers, not all are capable of running the full set of features used on this website.

What browsers do you fully support?
For the full experience, you will need one of the following browsers:

Google Chrome 49+ (Recommended for the best experience)
Mozilla Firefox 46+
Microsoft Edge 13+
Apple Safari 8+

How do I upgrade to a modern browser?
Please use these links to learn how to upgrade to your preferred web browser.

Install Google Chrome (Recommended)
Install Mozilla Firefox
Install Safari
Install Microsoft Edge