Proven HVAC Lead Generation Tactics for Contractors

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If you’re an HVAC contractor and you want to drum up more business, you’ll appreciate these common-sense lead generation tactics. They are tailored for contractors who offer HVAC services to their customers. When you learn how to market effectively via the Web, you’ll be able to generate more buzz and more profits. I believe that smart marketing will put you way ahead of your competition!

However, you will need to work hard. Making connections will require focus, patience, the right approach and plenty of dedication. There are some concepts that you’ll have to grasp before you’re ready to start building the perfect online marketing campaign for your HVAC business. Today, I am going to share five proven tactics to generate quality leads time after time which will assist you with setting your goals and getting to know your leads. When you use their tips, you’ll be able to put together a marketing plan with vision!

1.) Don’t Confuse Advertising and Marketing

The old-fashioned approach to promoting smaller businesses of the local type was advertising. Branding was typically limited to word-of-mouth advertising, whereby happy customers would tell other people about HVAC companies. Ads might have been run on radio or local television. Print ads in newspapers or local magazines might also be purchased. Ads in the Yellow Pages were previously extremely important sources of new leads.

These days, marketing for HVAC brands needs to be stronger, no matter how small the companies are. Advertising has a different goal than marketing, so it’s important to understand the difference. One way to think about it is to consider the target audience for each type of small business promotional activity.

One target audience is the group of people who need emergency HVAC services. For example, the temperature is sky-high and they’re having trouble with their air conditioning systems. These people need help immediately. This type of prospective customer will typically utilize a smart phone to look for a local HVAC company. To help this sort of person find you, you’ll need pay-per-click ads, which put your company at the top in search engine results. This type of client will respond to ad copy of the direct response type, as well as content which is conversion-based. He or she will seek out a great deal on services from a reputable and established company. You’ll advertise with this sort of customer in mind!

The other type of customer is someone who anticipates that replacement of an air conditioning system is going to be needed in the foreseeable future. Another scenario is that this person may want vent cleaning. Yet another scenario is that a customer is finding his or her power bill too costly and looking for ways to decrease the cost of electricity. One option may be a repaired, upgraded or brand-new AC system. Maybe this client is curious about swamp coolers and whether or not they’re appropriate for his or her home? There are different scenarios. The main difference is that this client doesn’t need emergency services.

With the second type of customer, you’ll have the chance to create content which markets to his or her wants and needs. For example, you may add articles at your official business website which discuss the most cost-effective new HVAC units that your company installs. Another article might include information about why swamp coolers are a practical choice for many consumers. This type of information is marketing, not advertising. It shouldn’t include any “hard-sell” or “call to action”. It’s content marketing and it’s about providing valuable, practical information which helps the consumer to solve a problem and make his or her life easier. It’s meant to build trust and rapport between the reader and the HVAC firm. If you create content which is useful and honest, you’ll make a good impression. The customer won’t get the sense that you’re only writing content to get a sale.

The second type of lead may need a lot of time before making a firm decision and hiring an HVAC company. He or she may do some research while shopping around. For example, the prospective customer may look at your company’s social media accounts and look up online feedback for your firm. If the research phase establishes that your company is trustworthy, he or she may move forward and connect with you. This is the time to pitch for a sale. When you’re able to pitch, you’ve got a hot lead on your hands.

So, pay attention to advertising and to marketing. Know the differences and plan your campaigns accordingly. You have two groups of people that you’re aiming at in the marketplace and each type of lead needs a different approach.

2.) Rise Above Your Competitors

In order to set yourself apart from other companies which offer the same services in the same region, you may show leads how your company is special. For example, which services do your staff members do best? How do you offer value to your customers, who are likely budget-conscious? How do you please your clients, so that they are completely satisfied with your services, as well as the way that you treat them?

If you’re not able to come up with answers to these questions, your leads won’t be able to find the answers either, and this is not a good thing. Answers should be derived from your USP. This is your unique sales proposition. It’s a concept which makes it simpler to create content, by providing three particular benefits.

The first benefit is that it will identify one key advantage of your services. The second benefit is that it will communicate how to solve problems for your clients. The third benefit is that it will set you apart from your business rivals.

A great USP is going to help you connect emotionally with your sales leads. It’s going to provide them with a sense that your company is the one that going to simplify their lives, by solving a problem quickly. It will also detail a specific niche of service that your firm is best at. Lastly, it’ll offer you an edge over other HVAC contractors in your area.

After you develop your USP, you’ll find that its key points keep running through the content that you create. The USP functions as a theme for the story of your company. When you don’t have this type of theme, your company will just be another brand name.

So, brainstorm and create a USP. Then, test it and develop it. It’s a key feature of any successful marketing campaign. HubSpot has written an excellent guide on how to create killer USP.

3.) Create Web Design Which is Conversion-based

If your HVAC business website doesn’t have the right design, it may hurt your chances of attracting new leads. Your Web design is important. It’s the centrepiece of your Web-based lead generation plan. The design needs to turn new visitors into real leads.

The nicest templates which are conversion-based have a clean and simple look. They are easy to use. Content displayed in a conversion-based template should be factual and not too wordy. Make sure that up-to-date contact information and calls-to-action are present on every single Web page!

Keep in mind that your website may be the first glimpse that a visitor has of your company. For this reason, it needs to make a good impression. You may win over visitors and convert them to leads by offering Web content which highlights the experience level and professionalism of your HVAC company.

If you’re starting from scratch, search for conversion-based templates online. Also, check out the Web design of your competitors. If you already have a website but it needs help in order to shine, hire a Web design firm to freshen it up. For an example of an HVAC contractor whose website has been built with lead generation in mind check out Progressive Heating & Air, who are a San Diego based HVAC contractor. They have strong calls-to-action and use previous client reviews and testimonials to build trust and demonstrate social proof.

4.) Guard Your Company’s Online Reputation

Word-of-mouth advertising, as well as referrals, are often the lifeblood of lead generation for HVAC contractors. Since people post reviews of local businesses everywhere online these days, it’s now even more important.

It’s rare that an HVAC lead won’t look up online feedback before deciding whether or not to call up an HVAC company. Leads use review websites like Google for Business, Yelp and Top Rated Local, in order to find reviews, comments and ratings.

Such reviews are going to impact lead generation results. However, you’re not in control of what other people post about your business, and some people can be mean. With this in mind, try to go the extra mile for every single client that you have. If you do provide service of a high caliber, which is consistent from job to job, your reviews should assist you with drumming up new business.

All of the things that you do as you operate your business are going to influence your online reputation. The best way to guard your online reputation is to deliver excellence without fail.

Also, keep abreast of what’s posted about your company online. If you have the chance to dull the impact of a bad review by reaching out and offering a solution, you may want to do this. Also, thank happy customers for taking the time to leave feedback.

5.) Improve Your Data Management Approach

When it comes to online marketing, there is data everywhere, so accessing data is really easy. However, knowing how to use it for the purpose of lead generation is a little trickier. Data exists to demonstrate results. It won’t give you instructions about how to market, but it will show you how your marketing is hitting the target (if it is). Gathering data from your competitors should be part of a good data management approach. Also, you should have data about the industry that you’re in and your customers.

Utilize data in order to create your USP, come up with advertising copy and write up calls to action. Utilize your experience and gut instinct in order to create a message which is benefits-focused. Your message should impact your leads emotionally and push them towards hiring your company, today or in the future.

Also, utilize analytics of data in order to discover how your leads are reacting to your content. The stuff that works is what you should do more of.

Try These Sensible Tips Today

These no-nonsense tips really work. They’ll help you to grow your HVAC business. So, why not try them today?