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In the February 2018 Snapshot Survey, we asked contractors all about the Perfect Service Call. Here’s one survey question and its results from the summary report, which is now available in its entirety to EGIA members.

Question: Are your techs instructed to invite the homeowner to observe the diagnosis?

Contractors are largely split over whether or not to invite homeowners to observe the diagnosis on a service call, with 55% of respondents indicating that their company’s technicians are specifically instructed to extend the invite while 45% have no such policy in place.

While preferences vary, having the customer accompany the tech on the diagnosis can ease the interaction in the home, helping the customer build trust and rapport with the tech, while the tech builds credibility that they know what they’re doing.

Trust, of course, lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship which can precipitate more sales down the line.

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Snapshot Survey Result