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In the May 2019 Snapshot Survey, we asked contractors all about Preparing For Summer Busy Season. Here’s one survey question and its results from the summary report, which is now available in its entirety to EGIA members.

Question: How Much Does Your Overall Revenue Change During The Summer?

According to New York Times best-selling author and sales expert Weldon Long, some contracting companies can make up to 70% of their annual revenue during the summer months. The majority of contractors who took our survey (69%) reported that overall revenue increases significantly during the summer, while 21% said that revenue increases a little. This reflects an industry standard that suggests home owners are more likely to seek contractors’ products and services when temperatures are high. It is notable that none of the survey respondents reported a decrease in revenue during the summer.

Here’s what an HVAC contractor from Georgia answered:

“Intentionality about building and standing behind our Comfort Club memberships helps to take off some of the highest highs and fill in the lowest gaps in the revenue cycle curves and allows for us to honor our technician’s personal time more effectively.”

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EGIA Snapshot Survey - How Much Does Your Overall Revenue Change During The Summer