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In the May 2018 Snapshot Survey, we asked contractors all about Company Vision & Culture. Here’s one survey question and its results from the summary report, which is now available in its entirety to EGIA members.

Question: Is your company vision put down on paper (ie a vision statement)?

It’s well established that having a company vision can get the entire organization on the same page, working with the same goals and values in mind. But while 82% of those surveyed said their company has a set of core values, just 71% said they have an actual company vision established and written down.

Even if you think everyone understands the company vision, there’s plenty of room for (mis)interpretation if it’s not put down in writing. And several respondents don’t merely settle for a vision statement tucked into employee paperwork – some reported displaying it on an engraved plate in the office, while others emblazoned it in the conference room and prominently displayed it in the warehouse.

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EGIA Snapshot Survey - What percentage of contracting companies have their company vision on paper?